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Maggie Tsai

Hi Pete,

Thanks for your comments on Diigo. Indeed we have put a lot of thought into our product design, and we’re gaining more and more support from growing die-hard fans. Your points are well taken: to date our focus has been making Diigo a killer personal tool for online research and personal productivity. What sets Diigo apart from other web annotation or simple social bookmarking services is that it handles *Knowledge*, rather than mere sticky notes, clippings, and links.

We are planning a major re-launch of Diigo shortly. So, in addition to significant improvements of Diigo as a research tool, the new Diigo will introduce not just one or two simple features, but rather a whole array of very exciting innovations and further improvements on ease of use to facilitate greater user interactions! So stay tuned :-)

Pete Warden

Thanks Maggie, I'm really looking forward to the re-launched Diigo. It's already a very fully-featured tool, I especially like the search integration. I chose it as an example precisely because it is so good, and seems to offer such an obvious benefit, but is still taking longer than I'd hoped to reach the mass consumer market. Good luck with the relaunch, I'm sure I'll learn a lot from seeing how you approach it!

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