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I struggled with this conversion for awhile when I went from Pegasus Mail to Outlook 2007.

What I found was a free way of doing it. You can use Gmail's IMAP feature to get the msgs from the Pegasus Folder up to the Gmail IMAP folder, and then back down to Outlook via IMAP.

Worked great. Wasn't terribly quick mind you (especially if you've got 5GB of mail), but it DOES work, and it's free.

Pete Warden

Thanks Joe, that's very true. I'd considered running a local IMAP server, but hadn't thought of Gmail. If anyone else is dealing with less than 5 GB of data, that's probably a great way to go, plus you've got it all backed up by Google!

Shawn Owens

You mention 5GB of pst, but the pst download is only 2GB. Please comment as I'd like to obtain the full 5GB of Enron mail.

p.s Thank you for making this available.

Pete Warden

Sorry to hear you're having problems with it Shawn. I just investigated by ssh-ing into the server, and it claims the full 5GB pst is there:
ls -l enron.pst
-rw-r--r-- 1 petew users 5975000064 Mar 25 23:10 enron.pst

Once I'm back home on a decent connection, I'll try downloading it to confirm it's working.

maria chen

Thanks for converting the dataset to Outlook pst format.

As Shawn mentioned, the enron.pst file is 2GB instead of 5GB.

I tried to import it into my Outlook but got a message that the enron.pst is not a personal folders file.

Is it due to incomplete download or file corruption?

Appreciate if you can help. Thanks!

Pete Warden

I spoke to Maria some more, and it turned out that she was using a FAT32 filesystem as the download location. FAT32 has a 2GB size limit for individual files, which explains what went wrong.
This was the default file system on many versions of Windows, so if you're hitting a similar issue, make sure your volume is NTFS.

Tim Fehilly

The file size showed up at 1.56GB while downloading to a NTFS volume as time of save. Also as previous user stated MS outlook did not recognize the PST file, again possibly incomplete.

For data tranfer I find that winrar would apply sufficient compression to reduce the mail store to facilite quicker downloading.

Appreciate any help. Thanks

Pete Warden

I've heard back from both Shawn and Maria, and they have now successfully downloaded and opened the PST. Once I'm back home I'll give it another try and make sure it's still accessible.

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